Electrical and instrumental department

The electro-instrumental division handles design and construction plants.

Both in civil and industrial area.


The Activities performed By SGS for the development of electro-instrumental Systems include the following:

  • Analysing Customer’s request and specifications
  • Drafting the System Project
  • Drafting the electric Charts of board and system
  • Logic diagram
  • As-Built Analysis
  • System Layout
  • Types of electric connections
  • Cable List
  • Commissioning
  • Layout of electrical board front
  • List of instruments available on the board
  • Actities
  • Electrical and instrumental plants
  • Medium Voltage Electrical sub station
  • Engineering and erection of new plants
  • Software development
  • MV/LV electrical panel
  • Network – Data cabling
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Machine cabling
  • Concept
  • Design and construction of new machinery